Visual Insights with 9.2

I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak at a very exciting feature at MicroStrategy World last year that attempted to transform the way we interact with data.  This new tool merged the benefits of Intelligent Cubes and Flash Visualizations to provide various graphical analyses instantly.  It was a brilliant display and I couldn’t wait to see where they were going to take it.  At MicroStrategy World this year, they officially unveiled Visualization Explorer as part of 9.2 and a new object type to go along with it: Analysis.

To create an Analysis, you simply right click on an existing Intelligent Cube and choose Create Analysis.  You then launch a new Flash based editor that allows you to feed the Intelligent Cube data directly into any of the out of the box Visualizations (and your own custom Visualizations build with the VisSDK too!).  The result is some pretty impressive speed of thought manipulations.

Today, MicroStrategy launched a new webcast titled Introducing a Faster Way to Visualize Your Data. Instead of describing what the feature is like, I invite you to follow that link and watch a fantastic presentation.

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