Will You Be Using MicroStrategy Social?

MicroStrategy unveiled Social Intelligence at MicroStrategy World 2011, and proceeded to roll out a host of Social apps this year that serve as kind of tech demos including Wisdom, Alert, and Emma.  The Enterprise version of the product is still in Beta, but promises to allow you to mine data from your Facebook Applications.  Surely the power of the Social phenomenon can’t be denied, and companies are in the Gold Rush phase to capitalize on the unprecedented wealth of information.  But is this going to be feasible for everyone?  Will your company be able to drive enough Facebook traffic to be able to take advantage of this technology if you aren’t a customer facing entity?

Kindly consider the poll below for what you think your company’s interest will be (or your current client if you’re a consultant), and leave a comment explaining your position if you’re so inclined.

What kind of an impact with MicroStrategy Social have on your environment?

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