MicroStrategy Education eBooks

This past weekend, I received an update to my MicroStrategy Mobile client on my iPhone, so I started exploring through some of the examples.  I’m not sure how long they’ve been there, but I was surprised to see that just about every MicroStrategy Education course has it’s full course book available for free download.  They come in ePub format and can be viewed directly on your mobile device or transfered easily enough to your computer.  This presents a great opportunity for those new to MicroStrategy to gain some free training or to build a nice reference library for those already using the product.

If you have a vanilla install that hasn’t been configured to hit your own Mobile Server, then on the default home page is an option for ePub Books:

Tap that, and you’ll see a screen that allows you to download Basic and Advanced Courseware and Product Manuals.
Here are some of the courses that are available (they didn’t all fit on the screen at once, so there’s a couple more).

Tap on the Courseware you want to download:
Then tap Download.  If you want to view it right on your device, be sure to install the iBooks app first.  If you want to view it on a computer, you can install Dropbox and save it there.
View in iBooks or transfer to your computer with Dropbox

The books show up in your iBooks and can be read like normal.  They appear to be the full digital copies of the courseware.

My new iBooks Library
If you want to view them on your computer, you’ll need to install an ePub reader.  I installed Adobe Digital Editions (free) and it worked fine.
Web SDK Book in Adobe Digital Editions
This is a tremendously valuable resource for anyone new to MicroStrategy or those who haven’t completed all of the training courses they offer.  Even if you have, this serves as an incredible reference library.

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