MicroStrategy World 2012 Coverage

MicroStrategy World 2012 kicks off Monday, and as you may know, I’m excited.

Not Attending?

  • MicroStrategy is Live streaming the Keynotes here.
  • MicroStrategy has a live Flickr stream here.
  • You can follow along on Twitter.com.  You don’t need an account or any special software, just go to the different pages of interest and they’ll automatically refresh.  Important accounts/tags to follow:
    • @BryanBrandow – I’ll be tweeting highlights and pics throughout the week and quick news and notes.
    • #mstrworld – This is the official MicroStrategy World hashtag.  For those not familiar with Twitter, it’s a string that people will include in their tweets when they’re talking about MicroStrategy World.  This will give you a broader mosaic of other people’s experiences.
    • @MicroStrategy – This is the official MicroStrategy Twitter account which will surely include news, announcements and links to useful information.
  • In addition to tweeting small updates through the day, I’ll (do my best to) post larger summary articles each night with more details / pictures from the day’s activities.  Depending on how it goes, there could be multiple posts in a day for different topics or a single summary post at the end of the day.  These updates will come as soon as possible, so they I won’t be following my normal posting schedule (so check back through the day!)
  • The MicroStrategy Mobile app (vanilla app that’s pointed to their cloud servers) contains a World 2012 app under the Industry Samples section with all of the conference materials.  This is probably more convenient than lugging around the printouts.
  • Take a peek at the available sessions now to get an idea of the sessions that will interest you so you don’t miss out.  There are 13 tracks available per session, so there’s lots of choices.  You can use MicroStrategy’s Agenda Builder to plan out your week.  If anyone is interested, this is my planned agenda (subject to change on a whim).
  • Customer Presentations are usually pretty hit or miss, but two that I would recommend checking out: 
    • LinkedIn‘s (Tuesday, 3:45pm, Session 2 Track 11).  If you’re into big data analytics (and come on, who isn’t), they had an awesome presentation last year, so of all presentations, I’m looking forward to this one the most.
    • Guess? (Mobile: Session 4 Track 3, Social: Session 6 Track 5) are sure to be awesome.  The Guess? team blew away the competition with their Flash Dashboard back when those were cool, and had an amazing iPad app last year.  Bruce Yen is a great speaker (he’s presenting the Social track), so I’m very excited to see how their Mobile app has matured and what they’ve cooked up for a Social offering.  Their stuff is always years ahead of the curve.
  • Want to meet up?  I’ll be at the Welcome Reception, so try to find me (it’ll be like a game of Where’s Waldo).

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