Distributing MicroStrategy Mobile Configurations

MicroStrategy Mobile is a very cool tool to put the power of BI into the your user’s hands on the go.  But administering your user’s devices and distributing configurations can be a burden.  Fortunately, MicroStrategy provides some handy tools for distributing the configuration options for your mobile devices, so today I’m going to briefly touch on where you can find those and how to setup a quick distribution site to make it easy for your user’s to setup.

Mobile Versions
The first thing to be aware of is that mobile is still pretty young, and depending on your target platform, you’re going to need to double check which version of MicroStrategy you’re running.

Here’s a quick list of notable MicroStrategy Mobile Versions:

  • 8.1 – Blackberry mobile app is first supported
  • 9.0.1m – iPhone and iPad are first supported (this version is a fork from the main 9.0.1 platform)
  • 9.0.2 – The products are merged and fully integrated again.  The only difference was some missing hotfixes on the 9.0.1m branch
    • 9.2.1a – Android is supported for the first time
    • 9.2.1m – Lots of updates to iPhone and iPad support, Blackberry configurations supported for JSP
    Mobile Configurations
    Starting with 9.0.1m, Mobile Server comes with it’s own web configuration interface.  Be default, you can find this at /MicroStrategyMobile. (Note: I keep running into CSS errors up through 9.2.1, and I have to provide the full path of /MicroStrategyMobile/asp/admin.aspx in order to actually use the page.  I’m not sure if this affects the JSP version or if it’s been fixed in one of the 9.2.1a/m releases).  
    In the Mobile Configuration Page, you can define default configurations for each supported device type (Note: Blackberry configuration support was added in 9.2.1m, but only for JSP Web Servers)
    Check out this TechNote for detailed instructions on how to configure your Mobile Server.

    Installing the Apps

    These require that the user download the appropriate applications from the respective App Stores.
    iPhone     iPad     Android
    (Note: For more Android resources, check out my Android post.)
    For deploying to the Blackberry, MicroStrategy provides the JAD files.  I like to create a virtual directory that points to C:Program FilesMicroStrategyMobile ClientsBlackberry Client for Browser Deployment.  I usually create it as http://mybiwebserver/bb.  This way a user can simply browse to this location on their Blackberry and begin the OTA installation.  
    Deploying Configurations
    After downloading the applications on your mobile device, you now need to configure it to connect to your environment.  

    Tip: If you don’t have a mobile web server accessible via the internet, see if you can use your phone’s built in VPN software to connect to your company network and access your internal server.

    After you’ve defined your configurations, you can click on the little Globe icon to generate a configuration URL:

    Click the Globe

    Click Generate URL
    You can now give that URL to end users who have installed the MicroStrategy Mobile application on their devices and it will instantly configure it to connect to your Mobile Server.
    What I like to do is create a simple little HTML page that contains the links for each configuration I support and host it at http://mybiwebserver/m.  This way, I can simply direct my users to go to that URL on their phones and click the link directly to complete their setup.  I also include links for them to download the software so that it’s a one-stop-shop for all of their Mobile setup needs.

    Keep it simple since you’ll be navigating here on a phone

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