MicroStrategy World 2013

MicroStrategy’s annual user conference, MicroStrategy World, is just a month away at the ritzy Wynn Las Vegas (January 28th-31st).  I did a post last year that described the benefits of attending the conference.  If you’ve never been but have enthusiasm for MicroStrategy and Business Intelligence, it’s something you don’t want to miss.

This year, I’ll be presenting a session at the conference on behalf of Facebook titled, “Pushing MicroStrategy to the Limit, The Hacker Way“.  The session will cover different Tips & Tricks that we’ve implemented which range from lesser known but very powerful features to full blown “How’d they do that?”.  Everything you see can be implemented in your environment with either no customizations or very, very minor ones.  Some of the tricks will be familiar to readers of this blog, but I’ve been saving the best ones for the conference.

Other members of Facebook’s MicroStrategy A-Team will be at the session presenting some of their best hacks and answering questions, including Jeremy Clover, author of microstrategyblog.com.

Similar to last year, I’ll try to provide some real time and summary coverage of the conference, as well as a collection of useful links, info and my session recommendations.  Stay tuned!

Update: I know that I haven’t blogged much lately.  One excuse is that times have been busy, but another is that there’s just a finite amount of content that’s worth covering.  I’ve been saving up some really amazing things that I think people haven’t seen before, and we’ll be covering it and demoing it in this presentation.  At the conclusion of the presentation, a ton of detailed blog posts outlining step by step how to do everything we show will be blasted online including full code to some crazy plugins we’ve built.  Going forward, I think posts will be much more rare but also much more impactful.

Working on this presentation has been really exciting because it’s now almost completely different from when we started.  It’s a testament for how fast we move and iterate, because no sooner than I’ve finished a section than we’ve found a better or more exciting way to do it.  I can’t wait to open up this stuff to the community and see where you guys can take it next.

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