MicroStrategy World 2013: Recommended Sessions

This will be my 7th MicroStrategy World conference, but I’ve never been more excited for it than this year (though honestly, I think I say that every year).  There are some really awesome sessions coming up, and based on my experience, I’ll highlight some that I think you can’t miss.

In no particular order:
Track 9, Session 7: Facebook: Pushing MicroStrategy to the Limit, The Hacker Way
I promise this isn’t just shameless self promotion (ok, maybe a little), but I really think we’ll have the best presentation you’ll see all week.  It’s packed with some really awesome things and it’ll be pretty entertaining too I think.  You’ll get a peek at Facebook’s unique culture and how it affects the way we approach projects in MicroStrategy.  We’ve taken some pretty unique steps to liven up our dashboards and I’m sure no matter how long you’ve been using MicroStrategy, you’ll see things you’ve never seen before.  Plus, we’ll be giving away some Facebook swag, so show up and maybe you’ll score a T-shirt or something fun (hint: greatly improve your chances by following us on Facebook).
Track 2, Session 8: Guess: Enabling Real Time Mobile BI with a Next Generation Big Data Analytics Platform
If you want to see what Mobile BI will look like in the future, just attend a presentation by Guess.  I can’t think of another customer that has consistently innovated to the level Guess has in the MicroStrategy space.  Back when Flash Dashboards were vogue, they blew away the competition at the annual dashboard contest with what I still believe (4yrs later) to be one of the most explosive dashboards I’ve ever seen built with MicroStrategy.  Since then, they’ve turned their eye to Mobile, and every year they show amazing innovation in design and user experience.
Track 10, Session 3: Pandera: The Rise of Decision Automation Applications – BI Simplified, Clarified and Actualized
I’ve personally known and worked with many of the people at Pandera and can honestly say they’re some of the smartest MicroStrategy people in the room.  They primarily help organizations deliver projects but are shifting their focus to an interesting solutions approach that aims to take reporting output from generic data dumps to actionably decision making tools.  This is a concept they’ve mentioned to me many times in the past, and I’m very interested to see how they actualized it. 
Track 9, Session 4: Catalina Marketing: MicroStrategy BI Tackles Big Data Challenges
Catalina has one of the largest data warehouses in the world and has consistently innovated in the scalability space.  They’ve built a high performing and reliable platform and have had some creative approaches to solving these classical problems in the past.  I’m excited to see what they have in store this year.
If you have any sessions you’re particularly looking forward to, drop your suggestions in the comments.

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