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MicroStrategy vs Tableau 82

MicroStrategy vs Tableau

**DISCLAIMER** This post was written in May 2014, and so as it should be obvious, some parts of it are outdated.  I actually don’t use MicroStrategy or Tableau any more on a daily basis, so I’m not going to be able to update it.  I’m somewhat aware of both companies making some recent improvements that have addressed some of the weaknesses I talk about, but...

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How to Write a Resume

I’ve interviewed over 100 candidates over the last 2 years, and so I see a lot of different kinds of resumes.  A resume is supposed to be a written pitch for why you are the perfect fit for a role, but I think that most people fall into some archaic customs or try to hit keyword searches and end up doing themselves more harm than good.  I feel strongly on the...

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Evolving BI

It’s been almost a year since I’ve written a new post.  The main reason for that is that things have been changing very fast for me personally and professionally.  I’ve always had a particular approach and belief to BI, but it’s really started to take shape and become clear over the last few months.  Feeling rejuvenated after the break, I’m ready again to share my...