Adding an RSS News Feed to the Project Page

One of my favorite and yet easiest customizations is adding a News feed to the MicroStrategy entry point.  Ideally, this would be the first screen that a user sees after logging in.  A good fit for this requirement is the Projects page, even if you only have one project as there’s usually lots of empty space available.  Adding a News feed will allow you to update Announcements to a company portal or SharePoint site, and have them automatically fed into the MicroStrategy ensuring that users see announcements for new features or scheduled maintenance.

This customization doesn’t modify any MicroStrategy functionality, and simply adds some extra code to the Project page (or any other page you choose to add this to).  The script will read an RSS feed from a Portal and display the results on the page.

The Script I use is publicly available from this site: RSS and AJAX: A Simple News Reader

You can then edit the mstrWeb.aspx file located in the aspx folder and append the following code to the onload=”” function by adding a ; at the end of the existing set of functions:


Then, in Projects_Content.ascx, you can add the following at the bottom of the page:

<h3>Latest News</h3>
<div class="rss" id="chan">
<div id="chan_title"></div>
<div id="chan_link"></div>
<div id="chan_description"></div>
<a id="chan_image_link" href=""></a>
<div id="chan_items"></div>
<div id="chan_pubDate"></div>
<div id="chan_copyright"></div>

That’s it!  That little bit of code will now feed News items from your Portal directly into MicroStrategy Web.

Most portals provide RSS feed capabilities for you to consume with this script, so the setup is minimal.  The advantage is that you can keep all of your training and news content in your portal, but still make it readily available in MicroStrategy.  This is also a fast way to post a quick status message in the event the system is down unexpectedly.  Even if Web can’t connect to a downed IServer, the RSS Feed will still display on the Projects page.  You could then post a quick note to inform users, and remove it once service is restored.

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