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Setting up a Flex Environment for Building MicroStrategy Widgets

As of MicroStrategy 8.1, you can build custom widgets and visualizations using Adobe Flex.  Today, I’ll walk through the steps to setup the environment and some of the issues I’ve run into in the past (as well as some common issues other’s have run into). Step 1: Obtaining the MicroStrategy Flex Plugin This ships with the MicroStrategy SDK, so you’ll need to own a license...


Welcome, a Brief Introduction

I wanted to start things off by first introducing myself and some of my qualifications.  I’ve been working with MicroStrategy for the last 6 years, fulfilling every role from Developer to Architect to working with all of the SDKs.  I feel like I have a lot of interesting nuggets of information on a topic that is sparsely documented, so I’d like to share.I’m currently a MicroStrategy...