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Connecting Flex Mobile to MicroStrategy

Starting with Flex SDK 4.5, Adobe began supporting compiling your application to natively run on iOS and Android.  This presented a great opportunity to write code one time and then have it functional on several platforms.  Unfortunately, MicroStrategy Visualization SDK currently only supports Flex SDK 4.1, just missing out on all of the Mobile goodness.  That got me thinking though, that I personally only use...

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Distributing MicroStrategy Mobile Configurations

MicroStrategy Mobile is a very cool tool to put the power of BI into the your user’s hands on the go.  But administering your user’s devices and distributing configurations can be a burden.  Fortunately, MicroStrategy provides some handy tools for distributing the configuration options for your mobile devices, so today I’m going to briefly touch on where you can find those and how to setup...


MicroStrategy Mobile for Android

MicroStrategy Mobile for Android was released last Friday.  While I personally have an iPhone and no means or intention to test the Android offering, I know the majority of smartphone users are on the Android platform.  To that end, there’s already been some good information made available, so I wanted to collect it and share it here. There was some good information in this forum...