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MicroStrategy World 2012 – Day 2 Recap

For starters, I’m sorry for the dramatic drop off in Twitter activity from yesterday for those trying to follow along at home.  WiFi and 3G connectivity was very spotty all day, and I gave up early.  Nevertheless, I kept my notes, and the following are my impressions and experiences from Day 2. The 2nd day’s keynote was a deep dive for new Cloud and Social...


Will You Be Using MicroStrategy Social?

MicroStrategy unveiled Social Intelligence at MicroStrategy World 2011, and proceeded to roll out a host of Social apps this year that serve as kind of tech demos including Wisdom, Alert, and Emma.  The Enterprise version of the product is still in Beta, but promises to allow you to mine data from your Facebook Applications.  Surely the power of the Social phenomenon can’t be denied, and...


MicroStrategy Gateway and MicroStrategy Cloud

At last week’s MicroStrategy World Europe event in Monte Carlo, MicroStrategy announced two new enterprise products. MicroStrategy Gateway integrates with Facebook and allows you to easily query and analyze against the richest customer information database ever built.  An iPhone app has already been created based on this technology and is available today for free as well as a free Facebook data mining service. MicroStrategy Cloud moves MicroStrategy...