Web Styles for Prompts

One feature that I find is often overlooked is the ability to change the display style of Prompts in Web.  In a lot of situations, these alternate styles can help guide the user in the way the prompt should be answered (one selection vs many selections) in a way that’s not always as clear or clean as the default Shopping Cart style.  It’s a quick option to modify and a few handy out of the box options and can add some style and familiarity to your Reports for end users.

To set the Web Style options for a Prompt, simply click the Modify button on the 2nd to last screen of the Prompt Editor:

Many options are available for modifying the style of a prompt.

Some different types of styles available and situations I like to use them:

Check Box

I like to use the check box style when the selection is required and there is a limited number of available options, especially fixed.  In this example, it’s quick and clear which months are being filtered on.  I think this looks a little better than a Shopping Cart prompt.
Pull Down / List

I always make an Object Prompt that contains predefined data filters, and I like to style that prompt as a Pull Down or List Box.  Just a personal preference and I think it looks better for this style of prompt.
Radio Buttons
I like to use the Radio Button for flags.  You can also see in this example, I made the prompt required so there isn’t an option for -none- like there is in the Pull Down example.
Shopping Cart
And of course, the default Shopping Cart.  This really should only be used for dimensions that contains too many elements to individually look at or scroll through.  It also comes with the handy search bar which will also be necessary for large dimensions.

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