Saved Prompt Answers

A feature that I don’t think gets a lot of press is the ability to save personal prompt answers.  This ability, in both Desktop and web, allows a user to store answers to a prompt under their profile.  I think this is an important feature to enable, especially if you use a lot of element prompts on large dimensions.  Loading a prompt answer from this saved list is instant and can shave several seconds off of the user’s time on the prompt page.  This leads to a faster user experience instead of having to wait for element prompt searches to return from the database.

Enabling Saved Prompt Answers
For some reason, this feature is off by default.  And unfortunately, there isn’t a project level setting or default to enable it.  The setting lives on each individual prompt and must be enabled individually.

Edit your prompt, and on the General Information screen, you’ll see a drop down option to enable Personal Answers.  Your options are None (default), Single and Multiple.  The difference between Single and Multiple is how many answers you’ll allow a user to store.  These don’t really take up any measurable amount of space, so I always go with Multiple.

Once enabled, *any* report that uses that Prompt object will now have the saved list enabled and share the list across them.

The prompt will have a new option to save the answer (highlighted above) and checking this box will enable the option.

You can give it any name you want, and then whatever you have added to your prompt when you run the report will be saved in the future.  You also have the option to set this answer as the Default, which again will default for every report that uses this prompt object.  When you run another report with this prompt, you’ll see a new option to Load Answers.

Clicking this button will give you a quick pick list of your previous answers that you’ve saved.

Click More options… to delete answers.

Additional Tips

  • Even for Developers, this is a great feature to use.  I use it constantly when building/testing reports. It’s very convenient to zip through a screen of prompts with my set of testing answers.
  • A common question is whether or not these answers can be copied/transfered.  Unfortunately, the answer is no (as of 9.2.1).
  • If you want an interface to manage these in bulk, check out this TechNote to manage them from Desktop.

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