Advanced Metric Creation Tool

I’m a big fan of Conditional Metrics, especially since the passes they generate get merged when using the SQL Global Optimization VLDB Setting.  I find these types of metrics provide the most flexibility in design without compromising performance.  One of the drawbacks though is that it can require a lot of redundant object creation that can become tedious.  Fortunately, MicroStrategy provided a simple little tool in 9.0.1 for generating these metrics en masse.   While it’s one of those tools you may only use once or twice, the times you do use it will save you tons of time.

For this example, say that we’ve got the Revenue metric and we have to create Conditional Metrics with a set of Region filters.

Right click on the Metric and choose Create Advanced Metrics -> Add Filter

Note: This feature only works with basic metrics that are currently only Agg(Fact).  It doesn’t support Compound Metrics or existing Conditional Metrics.  It’s basically a shortcut for adding Filters and Transformations to existing basic Metrics.

The interface lets you add any combination of Metrics, Filters and Transformations.  The checkboxes Include no filter/transformation controls whether or not to create versions of metrics that only have each individual filter/transformation, or if it should only create full combinations.

After clicking Next, the list of metrics that will be created will be shown (31 in this example).  Clicking Run will generate them.
Once complete, all of our new metrics will be available in a much faster time than it would have taken to create manually.

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