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Report Search Tool

I received an interesting request from our Power Users this week.  They only have Web access (no Desktop) and wanted to have a way to locate reports based on their components.  For example, when someone requests a report containing Region and Cost, currently they can only hope to either know where it is or search for a match in the Name / Description.  Using Desktop,...


MicroStrategy Mobile for Android

MicroStrategy Mobile for Android was released last Friday.  While I personally have an iPhone and no means or intention to test the Android offering, I know the majority of smartphone users are on the Android platform.  To that end, there’s already been some good information made available, so I wanted to collect it and share it here. There was some good information in this forum...


The Case for MicroStrategy World

MicroStrategy World is the annual user group conference hosted by MicroStrategy.  MicroStrategy 2012 will be the 6th conference I’ve attended and it remains to be the highlight of my year.  There are incredible opportunities for education and networking, as well as whetting your appetite for future MicroStrategy enhancements.  I’ll discuss some of the many benefits of the conference to help convince you to attend if...


MicroStrategy Interview Test for Developers

Hiring resources is easy.  Hiring good resources is hard, especially when you need to make that determination by asking general questions.  With the cost of a bad hire so high, many groups or organizations can’t risk a bad hire, though many don’t set themselves up for success.  They ask generic or pointed questions that are often definition driven or to tell stories about their past....



So there’s this site that allows you to quickly and easily communicate with lots of people at once.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  I’ve never been a fan or thought it was very useful, but I’ve found that I actually use it more and more to find instant information.  Google integrated it’s search results with Twitter to get real time results, but since removed it.  Nevertheless, it’s...


Administrator Privileges

I’ve met a lot of people that have been confused about Administrative privileges in MicroStrategy and how they relate to their licensing costs.  The confusion possibly is related to an old bundle MicroStrategy used to sell called “Administrator” which included the products Object Manager, Enterprise Manager and Command Manager.  While those tools are critical to administer a system, they aren’t related to actual Administrative privileges like killing...


MicroStrategy Administrator iPhone App: Part 2

Following up on Part 1 that talked about the idea for an Administrator iPhone app and showed a demo of the latest build, I’d now like to dive into the backend Java Web Service that does all of the heavy lifting for the application.  There will be lots of useful code in here to perform all kinds of tasks in MicroStrategy that could be extracted...


Getting the Object IDs & Element IDs for URL API

Here’s a quick tip to follow up with Answering Prompts via URL API. If you need to get the Object ID of an Attribute or Metric dynamically, you can use this syntax: {&[Attribute Name]@GUID}or{&[Metric Name]@GUID} And if you want a shorter way to get the Element ID, which is the AttributeGUID:AttributeID pair, this will do the trick:{&[Attribute Name]@ElementID}


Freeform SQL Reports

Freeform SQL Reports can be a handy tool in your MicroStrategy bag of tricks.  We’re all tempted to turn to them from time to time, but when is the right time and what kinds of tricks can we manage by leveraging them?  As always, the answer to the first question is going to be a personal preference and depend greatly on your project scenarios.  Today...


Express Mode vs Interactive Mode

MicroStrategy 9.0.2 included a new Web mode called Express to Documents.  In the same release, MicroStrategy removed the antiquated View mode from Web, which was a static view of your Document. Considering the push for interactivity, this was an inevitable evolution of the product.  In reality, if you don’t build any interactive components, then Interactive and View mode were effectively the same thing. So now what’s the difference between Interactive...