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Administrator Privileges

I’ve met a lot of people that have been confused about Administrative privileges in MicroStrategy and how they relate to their licensing costs.  The confusion possibly is related to an old bundle MicroStrategy used to sell called “Administrator” which included the products Object Manager, Enterprise Manager and Command Manager.  While those tools are critical to administer a system, they aren’t related to actual Administrative privileges like killing...


MicroStrategy Administrator iPhone App: Part 2

Following up on Part 1 that talked about the idea for an Administrator iPhone app and showed a demo of the latest build, I’d now like to dive into the backend Java Web Service that does all of the heavy lifting for the application.  There will be lots of useful code in here to perform all kinds of tasks in MicroStrategy that could be extracted...


Getting the Object IDs & Element IDs for URL API

Here’s a quick tip to follow up with Answering Prompts via URL API. If you need to get the Object ID of an Attribute or Metric dynamically, you can use this syntax: {&[Attribute Name]@GUID}or{&[Metric Name]@GUID} And if you want a shorter way to get the Element ID, which is the AttributeGUID:AttributeID pair, this will do the trick:{&[Attribute Name]@ElementID}


Freeform SQL Reports

Freeform SQL Reports can be a handy tool in your MicroStrategy bag of tricks.  We’re all tempted to turn to them from time to time, but when is the right time and what kinds of tricks can we manage by leveraging them?  As always, the answer to the first question is going to be a personal preference and depend greatly on your project scenarios.  Today...


Express Mode vs Interactive Mode

MicroStrategy 9.0.2 included a new Web mode called Express to Documents.  In the same release, MicroStrategy removed the antiquated View mode from Web, which was a static view of your Document. Considering the push for interactivity, this was an inevitable evolution of the product.  In reality, if you don’t build any interactive components, then Interactive and View mode were effectively the same thing. So now what’s the difference between Interactive...


Help Documents

One of the eternal struggles with any BI project is documentation.  We bring lots of data content in from all over the company, often from groups who previously had conflicting definitions or are now sharing data with groups who have never used it before.  There are lots of different ways to share documentation (my personal favorite is to add descriptions and formulas to the objects...


Answering Prompts via URL API

MicroStrategy offers a lot of built in manipulations that can be performed directly within the URL.  This can provide a lot of benefits for seamlessly linking to MicroStrategy reports from either within MicroStrategy itself or from an external system.  Today I’ll highlight the most common and useful thing you can do in the URL: answering prompts using several different methods. The URL API may sound complicated, but...


9.2.1 Hotfix 1

Just a quick note that 9.2.1 Hotfix 1 is released.  (release notes). Minor bug fixes all around, with the biggest features being certification for Firefox 5 and Chrome 12 (sadly, Chrome 13 came out today .. just can’t keep up!) Additional certifications include SUSE Linux 11.1, Red Hat 6.1 and Blackberry OS 7


MicroStrategy Administrator iPhone App: Part 1

Since I first started in MicroStrategy, I really wanted the ability to administer the system from my mobile phone.  I’ve built applications to intelligently start/stop subscriptions based on system resources, ETL status, data integrity and monitor system availability, but no matter what I could do, it would inevitably lead to me having to email myself to take action.  And if I’m away from my desk...


Creating Training Videos

A classical problem is that you launch your BI initiative and do lots of hands on training and send your analysts out into the world.  They’ll retain some small fraction of what you’ve shown them (more than likely where the Export to Excel button is) and call you if they get stuck.  Eventually, everyone finds their place in BI and business moves along. The problem...